Thursday, April 21, 2005

offspring - walla walla

so yesterday lindsey calls me at 4:40 yelling at me to get my ass to the pool, it's a running day! i forgot about that when tuey and i went to the gym at 7 am. so i got to run twice yesterday! my entire body has been sluggish all day from it. i didn't feel like moving at all. and so of course, i've barely gotten more than an hour to sit.

there was the whole three essays in two hours thing. and the school thing. and the kitchen cleaning thing between that. and the work thing later. and then jamie's where i got free pizza, which was really the only reason i agreed to show up for an hour. (shhh don't tell her and ryan, or they'll be mad at me!) oh blah this day has been just a bunch of blah obligations.

the highlight! naturally. hanging out with rj. this time we went down to game farm park in auburn and wandered the trails along the river. he "taught" me how to skip rocks, then made me look like a fool for getting red paint on my butt. i also fell in love with him while he was bouncing on the log, waving his arms around going "whee!" he only did it for two seconds but it was priceless.

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