Sunday, April 10, 2005

fiona apple - slow like honey

so. i was just about to start writing something here. but i decided to take a drink of water first. true to my clumsiness, about 3 drops made it in my mouth, the rest went straight down my shirt and into my lap. go me.

just out of nowhere today my mom goes "oh by the way, if you come home tomorrow and there are a bunch of mexicans standing around our house, it's cause we're having them work on the backyard." ... my mother is hilarious! and i'm excited to see what they'll do to the backyard. the kitchen, i knew a little bit what would happen. the front yard, i came home totally unaware of the little stone english garden wonderland. the most i know about the backyard is that they're trying to raise it, but by how much? the whole lawn, or just the part by then fence? it's crazy. it's like a mexican surprise box. every time i see that tadeo landscaping truck i feel happier.

fantastic weekend! i'll always remember waking up in sumner, walking out of this clean white concrete apartment complex into the blinding sun and a flat landscape. (it reminded me of idaho. i miss the sun so bad. florida's going to be great. and maybe a few road trips to idaho or montana this summer won't be so bad.) anyway. weekend. my other moment was walking across jeff's lawn in the am, cole like a moving mountain with all his stuff. the dew's on the lawn still, it's mighty chilly, and his neighbor's watching us from his garage while smoking a cigarette.

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