Tuesday, April 19, 2005

deep sleep - dollar store CD

ew. i just found a bunch of stale saltines in my gym bag from about 3 months ago. trash! but seriously, today was free food day! i was telling ian about my cup-a-noodle problem (scott ate all but one of the bag my mom bought for me), and he pops up with "well hey, i totally have three beef cup-a-noodles just for you in the back of my car!" so. decision's final. this ian is way better than erika's ian, no matter how many shirts he gave me. also free, chanel and i got steve to help us rob the juice machine. the three of us ran into it until we got about 15 bottles. we stockpiled them all into my gym bag and ran away! haha. so then we sat around her apartment divying them up, eating chips and cheese dip.

ugh, get this. i am so jealous of her. chanel was all sad because her boyfriend said he couldn't come visit her that night, and when she called him he still wouldn't change his mind. so in the middle of our chip (oh, and ice cream) feast, someone starts knocking at the door. and guess who it is? john, with an armful of flowers! that girl has it so good.

anyway, this morning was good for me. i got up and went to school, thinking today was the day we had the practice ap test. (it's not, it's thursday.) so i sat around rowe's class for a few hours, talking to.. i think jessica? i feel so bad, i've been in the same classes with her for three years, and i've totally blanked on her name. i know i accidently called her kayla. oh well. it was cool, whenever we started talking about parties and mardi gras and other non-appropriate topics, rowe started going "lalala i'm not listening, not hearing this, lalala!"

after i finally left, i had about three hours all to myself in the house. i blasted opera, third eye blind, and my piano/guitar deep sleep CD. the window was open, a cool breeze was flowing through my room, and i kept refilling my cup of tea. i sat out on the back steps and contemplated our garden, imagining how it will look when the grass grows in. oh, NOTE TO SELF: get that vine to start wrapping around the bird feeder, it's starting to droop. but yeah, it was just a fantastically sunny and pretty afternoon. the night's beautiful, too, and it's times like these that
i really miss my dog. if he was still around, i'd grab the leash and go walking for the next 2 hours. take my piano CD with me.

i can't wait for florida!!!!! oh and because stephanie was awesome today, i have to mention her. we drove to auto zone and looked at seat covers, then sat at her table complaining about people. it was great! and she showed me her diablo game, which was really cool, but i don't think i could watch her play for hours on end.


Anonymous said...

umm...I haven't eaten a cup of noodle since the Clinton Administration. Though I am responsible for the absence of trail mix

chelsea said...

i know, my bad. while mom was digging around for the tuna, she found them stashed in the back behind a box of cereal.