Sunday, April 17, 2005

dispatch - lightning

luckily, i told my mom what time i had to work this morning. at 10:30 she pokes her head in and asks if i'm going to get up, then kept bugging me even though i (still sleeping) told her everything was okay. when i finally realized that my alarm wasn't going to go off, i shot out of bed, grabbed my stuff, and ran out the door.

all day was play day. after work, we all jumped in the pool and splashed around on the octopus (chanel got beat up when she got between me and bryce's fight.) we played jump or dive off the diving boards (belly flops and hilarious landings!) and chanel and i sang bleeder at the top of our lungs. when we finally left, we drove down to auburn. it was a simply gorgeous day. the whole time, i couldn't help it, i was only thinking about how great it'll be to do the same random driving in the same gorgeous area with someone else. (that's you, reub!) she showed me game farm park, where there are lots of forest trails and even a river! she told me about this place on green river where you can go tubing (it's even shallow enough for the non-swimmers.) we drove up suicide hill, which is scary, yes, but also very green and pretty on a sunny day. her boyfriend lives on bonney lake/lake tapps, so we also conspired to use him for his waterfront dock and wakeboarding boat. last, i got this summer's swimsuit from ross - i'll have to do a few adjustments before it's summer-worthy, but i'm sure my mom will show me how to use the sewing machine.

at home, my mom made me thai chicken curry and my dad showed me the shawl he got me from my grandma's. i'm not sure if i'll actually use it, but it's beautiful.

so, i suppose i should start mentioning my night life in here. it started with a random road trip to bremerton, but got about ten million times more interesting last tuesday when i went walking with rj. he'll probably get tired of being dragged around to obscure, mildly interesting places i've heard about, but until then he's my new favorite friend. tuesday we froze our asses off and then got denny's, nothing crazy exciting (except for the wolves.) last night though! it's one of those nights i'll be remembering ten years from now, reminiscing to myself about the good ol' days. i remember the two trips to alki beach and skinny dipping at steel lake from last summer. this will be the random driving outdoorsy adventure. seriously, this guy's fantastic. he probably doesn't realize how bad of a klepto i am, but it was his idea to steal the bale of hay. (!!!) awesome. really. we were out 'til about 5 am, just exploring different trails and forests and the beach with a flashlight. so, naturally, i'm making a huge list in my head of every other place possible that we could go to. (chanel says there's a mountain in enumclaw that's so flat, you can literally run up the trail.)

[edit] 8:59

i got this bright idea a week ago that i want to get a bruise on my arm. a big one. i've had chanel punch me in the shoulder a few times, but nothing happened. so today, every 5 or 10 minutes, i had her punch me. it's an experiment for us, really. we're trying all sorts of different techniques -- and i still won't bruise! what the hell is wrong with my arm, that it won't bruise?

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