Saturday, April 02, 2005

feist - still true

i like my covers to be heavy
so i don't get cold when i sleep
my love affairs always seem unsteady
and i never go half-way when i weep

(because i can't go straight to bed after a great day. i have to write about it first.)

first, the day stuff. um, school was dumb. i hated it. the day only started getting interesting when i begged tuey to get maggie moo's with me.. and she did! wonderful friends get fat together. haha. so we ate our ice cream and she went to work and as i was driving away i saw brian and ian in the truck... over at chanelle's, we smoked outside the club house waiting for the sauna to heat up, then sat and chatted over life stuff while we watched the temperature rise. it was only at 110 when i had to go to work.

jamie's back!!! i saw her through the windows at work and ran in, gave her a huge hug because i missed her so much! and she works every friday so, awesome! anyway, hilarious lifeguard stuff, like singing in the lobby and starting a mosh pit in the office. (i also might go visit david on sunday! exciting!) so after work i'd been planning to go home and sleep, but since jamie's home (!) i didn't have to. we went to her house and caught up on the last month, she told me alll about the dolphins and stuff. for my senior trip, i'm going to fly down to the keys and spend a week with her, playing in the florida sun. ryan brought a boy named will with him, and we drove up to seattle to show the boy the sights. (he's fresh from my old stompin' grounds of nampa, idaho) naturally, we took him to broadway. ate dick's, then spent about 2 hours in a fetish shop. jamie and i tried on a bunch of corsets... i've never been more tempted to buy something i'll never use. will found a device used to pierce a girl's clit.. it was scary... so.. i guess it doesn't sound like it took that long, but it was about 5 hours of seattle stuff. then we drove the long way home. and here i am, tired, on my way to the bed. but it's good. i'm happy. i'm really glad jamie's back; i was reunited with a lifestyle i'd forgotten about.

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