Sunday, April 24, 2005

offspring - i choose

When I was a teenager
Suckin' booze with the Vatos
Discussing who was gonna live to be 21
They said they wouldn't make it
They didn't make it
We're all naked when the day is said and done

alright. it's a beautiful day so i'll try to be quick, since i want to run out and play with whoever will run around and play with me. i'm thinking if tuey isn't working maybe we can go sit on the lawn at dash point. ahh, good times last summer down there. anyway.

so last night rj and i ended up driving around (big surprise! we only do it every other night.) but! something really awesomely fantastic happened! i can't quite put this into words that anyone will understand, but basically: fountain. bubbles. oh my god i died.

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