Sunday, November 19, 2006

300th Post

Early yesterday morning, Rabies departed from the Green House. We had him for a little over a month - half that time he was curled in a pampered, fattened, and slowly dying ball. He bit us when we tried to hold him and refused to move while any lights were on/people were present in the room. Ryan found him in the morning, still curled in a ball, and stiff.

The idea didn't come quickly. Around 5 pm while visiting Irene at the Pita Pit, we decided that Ryan should get a gift replacement pet. After all, all the other colored houses have pets, so why should we let a dead hamster get us down? Off to Petsmart I went, and fell in love with a black and white panda bear hamster who we named Kimchi.

Kimchi is a great addition to our home. He's lovable, cuddly, and hasn't bit anyone in the less than 24 hours he's lived in La Casa Verde. He doesn't quite know how to use a hamster wheel. He likes to stand outside and sit while running the wheel with only his front paws. (Maybe that makes him smarter than other hamsters?) He even makes friends with random drunk strangers.

Basically, I'm in love. Technically Kimchi was a gift for Ryan, but it's possible I might fight for him when I move out. The custody battle will rage for weeks.

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