Thursday, November 23, 2006

So I don't have to do this during turkey festivities

Who knows what Jessica did tonight? She wasn't with me, that's for sure. JESSICA. WHAT THE HELL. Tomorrow/tonight better include some kick ass driving/driving tunes, or else I'm gonna bust a cap in yo' ass.

It's alright. I'm calm. I hung out with RJ instead, and it was good. We saw Casino Royale (which was highly entertaining) then sat in the H-Mart parking lot and caught up on the times. I need to find myself a best friend like RJ up in Bellingham. Someone arrogant enough to be unintentionally entertaining, but still moderately laid back. I feel boring around the hippies 'cause I don't smoke enough pot. All the kids in my business class make me feel like a hippie since I sometimes don't change out of the sweatshirt I slept in. What happened to the cool Bellingham kids who listen to neat music? (They're taking Russian History classes, that's what. Or disappeared forever like Frans.)

All I want for Christmas is: a digital camera. And tons of Bollywood movies.

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