Tuesday, November 28, 2006

voy a comprar una computadora

Last night I went sledding with Brent, Junwen, and Irene. We had the bright idea of going to the top of Jersey Street and hoping we didn't die. Mostly, we were fine Junwen tried to use a folding chair (didn't work), Brent used a storage container lid (worked fine for 20 seconds before breaking in half), we tried a garbage bag that would go 15 feet really well before stopping, and then there was the inner tube. We borrowed it from Shane, and boy, did that thing make us fly. A little too fast, actually. Irene and I hit a pole a couple times before deciding we had enough bruises.

Other than that, the past couple days have just been one long party. No school, no work, lots of free time. I've been playing my video game (30 hours!) and wandering Bellingham in search of open coffee shops. There was a slumber party at Tiana and Seth's, fresh made cookies, and lots of snow exploration. It's basically been a fantastic last couple days.

Unfortunately, my computer is still down. I'm waiting on my parents to mail me some all-important driver installation CD, and once that comes, it'll all be golden.

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