Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuna + Crackers = Excellent

Today I realized something about myself. Mark, one of my many supervisors at work, was talking to me about all the many things I could do to keep myself busy and get paid extra. This somehow led to a discussion about his first impression of me, and how I was complaining about teaching before I'd even been in the water. Later, he saw me teaching and was flabbergasted by the change in attitude and enthusiasm that had taken place.

My comment, "I have a habit of giving people the wrong impression." And y'know? It's true. I'll latch onto some idea or imagined trait and flow with it until the person I'm talking to either believes I a) am completely antisocial b) am chronically depressed c) have too many friends to bother making new ones d) am constantly doing some physical activity or other e) sleep around etc, etc,. The truth is, I'm just a slightly weird yet relatively normal girl who has a bad case of the impulses.

Now, Nick is drunk (something about the Russian Revolution on the phone) and he's making his way over to hang out. I'm psyched.

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