Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dil Chahta Hai

Watched the above movie today. Excellent. Just don't try to watch it with someone who doesn't appreciate Bollywood. Speaking of which, RJ came for a visit yesterday. I'll admit, I'd spent a few moments in the last few days pondering how it would go. Good, Bad, Mediocre... Maybe some kind of result I couldn't imagine. But you know? It went well. Not fantastic. Not awful. Not even mediocre. Just well. He and I can still be friends, and that makes me happy. The idea of RJ doesn't make my mind go all frizzy and close up. He's just another boy, one that's nice to talk to and be with, but not in any danger of messing with my life anymore.

That said, one could almost say I conned him into coming up here. He was promised the following: his Scrubs DVDs back, all the pancakes he could eat, and lots and lots of bacon. I never had to follow through with the pancake bit, but oh, the bacon. We went down to The Pita Pit where I used my connections to get about a pound of free bacon. It was all gone by the time he left 12 hours later. Just thinking about it makes me cringe a little.

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