Saturday, November 11, 2006

We'll Not Go Home Again

Old news now, but Britney Spears filing for divorce makes me happy inside. The kids are young enough that her backup dancer will generally be known as "that one sad, washed up dude that comes by every month or so."

Last night was a mess (in a good way). Decided to hit the road for a party in Kirkland, arrived around 10 to find all the kids were in highschool, trashy drunk, and puking in the sink. We holed ourselves away in the basement with the folks who'd invited us and played lots of pool, watched a little TV, and the boys got stoned out back. Hit up the Purple Dot in Chinatown, where I shared potstickers and this crazy ass french toast that Brent inhaled in about 10 seconds. Drove back and hung out and watched South Park until about 4 am.

Last night = late night. I never slept so well.

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