Monday, November 06, 2006

Under the Sea

I just finished an amazing article about a man in Peru, carving his way through the jungle for 40-odd years, hoping to make room in the wilderness for more settlers. Here is it. And here's a great quote about Incan culture:

"Well, the Incas used to practice incest deliberately," Mori mused. "Brothers would marry sisters. They'd get one superintelligent one and six idiots, throw away the idiots and make the good one emperor."

Last night I went to a ska show in Seattle. I showed Ben and Connie the excellent food that Yummy Bites has to offer, and while they did their cutesy dating thing I imagined what it'll be like to sit in Seattle next year, watching it rain before I head out to the library to study (or some other situation). Whitey met me at the show and we grooved to the music all night long. Concerts are hard to explain. The bands were excellent, but another part of the fun was watching the crowd on the floor. For about 5 minutes during Streetlight Manifesto, a tall lanky boy held up a girl's shoe, trying to find the owner. Eventually he started making his way toward the front to hand it to the band, but the girl missing a shoe finally saw him and snagged it back.

We drove home in Whitey's jeep, blasting whatever music we could find, chain-smoking the whole way because that's what you do when you're driving late at night. I think Modest Mouse and Gnarls Barkley got the most dance out of us.

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