Thursday, February 03, 2005

blind melon - change

oh wow. today was such a huge change from the last couple weeks of first semester. those 5 days sleeping non-stop totally caught me up on the sleep debt. so instead of being blah, antisocial, lemme cut my meat, it was easy to talk to my stoner group! leslie and i sang lion king songs, vinnie showed off his hair, i made racist comments to alex, and ginger and i got in a fight. even david said he'd missed me. my instructor said he'd been expecting me to crash, he'd been watching me get more blah and blah (different wording) for a few weeks and at the end he knew i wouldn't be healthy much longer.

school was mostly blah. decatur has been a drag for the last two years, but now that the end is so close, it's almost impossible to stand. i sat on a computer most of the day and researched scholarships for western, filled out a few forms, and made a list of possible careers (and general shit i want to do at college.)

after school i shop vac'd my room! that was exciting, seriously. shop vacs are ten million times better than your everyday vaccuum. but then i had nothing to do, so i went into work early and talked to jamie and chanel. because i love them.

last day of lessons always go the fastest. thank god!

i totally rubbed my delinquency off on everyone else. bryce was closing sans amy tonight, so we were already going to half ass it. but see, they've got this box.. where all the parents of the kids put their evaluations of how we taught that session.. the bosses padlock the box so we don't get to see the comments until almost a month later, after we've forgotten who to direct our anger at. so instead, i got chanel and bryce to go comment fishing with me! we sat for half an hour digging every last comment out of that box with paperclips and our small womanly fingers. here are some of the comments we saved our bosses from seeing:

daniel: "i think daniel needs to be more involved in teaching. in all the classes that my kids have been with him, their skill level has gone down. i have decided to quit lessons here for the only reason that your instructors are inadequate."

chanel: "she was overly cautious and prejudged the students. she wasn't very good at disaplining (yes, spelled that way on paper) students - not consistent. depended on her mood - she always acted like she was cold."

overly cautious my ass. chanel is one of the best instructors we've got (i think). every time i see her she's got the kids laughing and involved - meanwhile, my kids get bored while i redo the same thing every single day.

oh, but highlight! i got to play marco polo for a half hour with my favorite students, tony and james and rhianna (and a few others). i've been teaching those kids for 2 sessions now and i lurrv them!

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