Monday, February 07, 2005

saves the day - a drag in d flat

man, i've been feeling melancholy off and on all day. spent the whole afternoon with tuey, which was awesome the entire time. if only it was that easy to relax around other people.. but, cool moment, driving home from the terrible school. (i hate being there. despise every moment in that school. i can only stand it when i'm bullshitting with a teacher about educational shit. any time i'm around people i know, i'm itching for something to happen. for me to have something to say.)

ellie's walking down the street, i pick her up. we drive to my house, but the parents were home so neither of us wanted to go inside. instead, we opened up the car doors and talked about life, loneliness, and muscles. at one point, i'm talking to tuey on the phone and kicking the car door open and closed, while ellie reads her anne rice book. it was a nice, sunny afternoon moment that put me in mind of summer. then my mom came out and yelled at me about my guitar.

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