Sunday, February 13, 2005

finch - stay with me

my tongue is bleeding, and i'm dehydrated. now i need to start my homework. not cool. hello, no-doz.

saturday. went with dj down to chanel's, asshole roommate had locked the dog in her room. so i got to bitch out the lame friend who sits around, cleans the house, and does whatever she can in hopes that mike will like her. not happening.. the girl's pathetic... i feel horrible because i can see how the two of us could be alike. i want to slap her and tell her to stand up for herself, have some respect. anyway. she's dumb, and chanel says i scared her. dj 'n i then got kenny, drove up to alki and around seattle scoping out his plans for v-day. it was all good fun, minus the shitty cough i've had which makes it difficult to talk normally.

today. massive headache from all the screeching kids at work. get home looking forward to a nap, doing some homework.. chanel calls begging for help, the house was full of people she couldn't stand. so i headed over there, we made a mess cutting up magazines and listening to finch and brand new. then we got bored.

we drove up to bothell. i wanted to find an old park my parents used to take me to. it's called fisherman's wharf, i think. i remember the statue of the fisherman, a pond, and a bunch of rocks i used to jump from. we tried a gas station and a grocery store trying to find directions, but no one knew where it was. so instead, we sat and ate ice cream with the dog, then drove back listening to techno. good night, definitely. but i really wanted to find that park.

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