Saturday, February 19, 2005

prodigy - smack my bitch up

mood swings are crazy. this afternoon, i sat in my car crying because i felt so completely empty and drained. i didn't want to do anything, see anyone, i wanted to crawl into a hole and sleep forever. (naturally, considering how little sleep i've had this week.) i went to steph's anyway, which helped. we talked to her mom about jake's party -- looks like we're going! if the western thing doesn't happen. please don't let it happen. we played guitar a little, and i'm not sure about her, but i was getting frustrated with only having chords and scales to play. she was probably feeling it to, 'cause we both jumped at the idea of - let's go buy sheet music! so we ended up at helmer's reminiscing about our days playing piano and clarinet, looking at our old practice books. i could remember vividly all those days sitting in my room playing the clarinet, the fingering to the notes were still in my head. i feel like i could pick it up and play it like a pro still, but naturally i know i can't. i just want to try. (too bad i think i tossed all my old books. anyway, we got maggie moo's and talked to the girl behind the counter about tuey's job and how gorgeous niko and chris (two guys that used to work at the aquatic center) were. then tuey went home and i took a nap. chanel and elaina both called me while i was sleeping - not cool. i hung up on both of them after about 2 minutes. 'round 10:30 bob calls me up, and it was pool time! there was a pretty long wait, and i was hungry, so we got some fries from denny's first. it was cool just hangin' with bobby, him bitching about work and me people-watching. and then later when tuey and steve-o joined us at the pool table, we murdered them. my game was on tonight for the first time in a while, i felt so pro! a couple games, i was even hitting better than bobby. oh yeah.

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