Monday, February 14, 2005

mighty mighty bosstones - you gotta go

went out to the family fun center, looked retarded in the batting cages. 50 balls, and i hit two. tommy hit the jackpot in the arcade, i only got about 400 of the 1500 tickets we won. ended up getting funky crazy hats and little-kid lollipops, plus old-school rubber poppers and a ninja especially for the wangman. that kid spent way too much money tho. fifty dollars on dinner. bought me a rose. paid for everything, even put up with traffic to come pick me up. awww. i love getting the royal treatment. the best part is, it was totally just a fun thing, no emotional issues to deal with at all.

now, tho, it's time for bed. didn't sleep at all last night and i can feel it sneaking up on me.

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