Wednesday, February 23, 2005

eels - susan's house

stressful day... mother woke me up talking about the dishwasher and other meaningless chatter that i don't even remember. get to work and john starts it off by making his usual racial/sexual intolerance comments.. whoopee... so i got to put up with his shit all day, but i really don't want to rant about him, so i'm done with that right now. still dead tired, and of course i get to go in at 6 tomorrow. and here i thought i wouldn't be working much over break. not to mention how sitting around by myself for hours on end screws up my state of mind. left to think that long, i'll never come to any positive conclusions.

but i know what will cheer me up. scott's making a pizza right now, and i've got a book calling out to me.

"Down by the donut prince
A fifteen year old boy lies on the sidewalk
With a bullet in his forehead
In a final act of indignity
The paramedics take off all his clothes
For the whole world to see
While they put him in the bag"

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