Monday, February 28, 2005

portishead - roads

i could kick myself.

the hell is wrong with me?! how can i have decided while still in high school that i'll never be a person worth knowing, that i'll never have anything about myself that could make someone else happy?

i spent 2 hours playing video games with tony, and the best i could do was give him a flower right before i left. no conversation, nothing. folks, i'm a girl with an inferiority complex of the worst kind.

i want to skip english tomorrow. so bad. love the class, really, it's the only thing i like about decatur anymore, but i hate fessing up i didn't do the work.

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Anonymous said...

Ive decided since I met ya that you were definitely a person worth knowing and a friend worth having. And you have a charisma and an outgoing fun attitude that makese people hanging out with you happy to know and be with if my opinion counts for anything, I hope you take that into consideration ^^