Wednesday, February 23, 2005

judas priest - breaking the law

i almost play it well enough to show off to steveo. almost.

yeah so today? gorgeous. absolutely beautiful day. the sun was shining and the air was cool and it, once again, reminded me of summer. dani was in a bad mood over at ellie's, and somehow, don't ask me, i made it worse. so i booked it out of there pretty quick and went over to steph's. she'd actually left already for western (aww, sad face everybody!). but i knew that, bob and steveo wanted me to come visit tho. so yeah. i did, and it was funny, even though they made fun of me. then i went for a hike. it was so gorgeous. i wanted to ditch the guy i was with and just sit, look around, enjoy the scenery in silence, maybe get some headphones and wander through the trees.

then work. good times as always. and pool with bob.

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