Sunday, February 27, 2005

crosby stills nash and young - carry on

before i climb into the bed.

stevo and i leave bobby at the pool hall playing for money. we hit up denny's for a milkshake and coke, talking to calculus man (justin) and stevo's waiter pal eric. comments about stevo having a new girl with him every night, me justifying that "i have no interest in stevo, he's just buying me a milkshake." bam! waiter eric buys me another one. awesome. three boys buying me things in one night (bobby paid for the table.) it's karma for buying bryce those three cookies, i tell you. anyhow, awesome night just sitting around at denny's, giving stevo advice for gettin' the girlies and such. we've decided to be friends. (awwww.) tomorrow (later today?) : hopefully hit up the gym with tuey, otherwise, do lots of homework. rough draft of poetry essay. read beloved. call federal way pool and arrange meeting with craig? (right! i got a new job! more teaching... yippee... but still. new surroundings, new system, equals interest.)

carry on, love is coming to us all.

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