Wednesday, February 09, 2005

unsung zeros - intermission

If the world should end, and we both die tonight.
I'd have no more time to say the things I might.
Had I known that this last hour would come so soon.
I'd have spent the last year speaking just to you.
And they'd be awkward all the things I would have said.
And that's the reason they have not been spoken yet.
But they mean too much to let them go unheard.
Even if I cannot really find the words.

it's so emo it hurts.

cole and i agree - life is good. honestly, could i have asked for a more perfect day?

school ended. thank god. i stopped by rowe's real quick to talk about educational things, and she told me about western (yay!). so i drive home with the sun shining, windows down. i got to my house, didn't feel like going inside. besides, kimbrough and tony were meeting me at my house, and i wanted to enjoy the sunshine! but i only got about a minute of sitting with the door open before they drive up in kimbrough's brand-spankin'-new mazda3! 2005, 147 miles on it. it's gorgeous.

so we sat, and chilled, and spoke words. tony went ADD and played with everything he could find (which is weird, because i've thrown out pretty much everything in prep for living out of boxes). kimbrough played on the computer lots. and i got my guitar! so i kind of half-ignored them while i played with it, looked at it and drooled over it. but chanel came over, and brought the dog! so that added excitement a little. they dropped the dog into the hole where our stove is supposed to be... yeah... lots of videotaping with the camcorder. and pictures. great moment, all of us sitting on the countertops, michael laying down and tony's got the sun shining behind him, while i take phone pictures of chanel drinking soda.

then tuey came over! score yeah. she helped me tune my guitar. chanel left and we set out to dye tony's hair. he stole my gator spirit shirt (not cool) but.. well, i got his shirt, which smells like him. and he smells good. so i guess it's a fair trade.. for now.

so we go to fred meyer after tuey leaves. i needed a camera. while running around, we spot a ladder in the toy aisle. on the very top of the shelf - a kid's playhouse. michael makes the appropriate "hmm" sounds, tony asks which state we're in (oh man.. the implications of that question... i love those boys to death.) so tony ends up on top of the shelves, waving out the window of the playhouse. picture, duh. so many freakin' pictures were taken.

so then i come home, they leave, and i'm sittin' around bonding with my guitar. but i feel like i'm stumped - sad to say, i just don't have the talent to pull it off by myself. plus i'd been thinking about the leftover hair dye. so i got up and dyed my hair - oohhh! i'll probably hate it in a few days, but i just had to copy all the dramatic emo kids at school. red bleach and brown. like karli moorehead's neopolitan hair from camp gilead... next i'm going to cut it. maybe?

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