Tuesday, February 22, 2005

presidents - love everybody

while we're waiting around for bob and steveo to get off work, louis and i ended up scaling the chainlink fence around the construction site by the old amc theater. it was pretty damn cool. this one bush worked as a springboard to launch us halfway up the fence. (not like we needed it.. but oh well. it was fun.) so little parts of the building (turns out it is a parking garage, tuey) were lit up spookily, the whole ground was smoothly paved. plus lots of regular construction stuff was lying all around, lumber and bulldozers, etc. as we were walking up to the top level, i was entranced by the prettiness of it all. walking up a ramp toward the open sky. i was thinking it was like a scene out of a bad 80's teen movie, the kind of place the sweet/romantic guy takes the girl out to impress her. then out of nowhere there's this skittering/rustling sound, and we both look over to see a rottweiler. ... yeah, really, not cool. it didn't come after us, in fact it ran the other way so it was probably a stray, but still. it freaked me out, i really didn't want to get attacked by a dog. louis didn't seem fazed at all, but he didn't make fun of me when i started walking away, so maybe he was inwardly worried. who knows? anyway, the place was gorgeous, and i'd love to go back another night, maybe with a baseball bat in case there really are guard dogs..

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