Sunday, February 06, 2005

oasis - wonderwall

right now. there is the cutest puppy in the world. asleep on my bed. she's tired from when i made her run around in the rain. the little green hippo chanel gave her is turning brown because it'd been chewed so much.

this weekend hasn't been too exciting, but i've enjoyed it. friday night, tommy and i drove around for endless hours listening to deathcab and bright eyes, getting lost up in burien and drinking starbucks. then i got tired, so i came home around 10, and chanel and liz stopped by before leaving me to sleep. saturday i did lots of homework and worked on some scholarships (working on those right now again). i don't know what time, but elaina calls me up and says "come to the mall! (the commons) i'm here!" so... yeah, my cousin from long beach showed up at the mall, we ate subway and took some hilarious freakin' photo booth pictures. then i came home, and tuey called and the boys had bailed on us for eating at the restaurant. so i went to chanel's!

chanel's was awesome. simply fantastic. i helped her clean her room while we waited for people to show up, and when they did it got fun! ozz made some really great comfortable screws, and me, chanel, ozz, and his friend mike kind of singled ourselves out of the group and got really drunk. ozz lit a toy car on fire, i played with the puppy, and chanel did the party mingle thing. we ran around the park and had to hold onto each other to stand up. we huddled and switched names too many times to remember. then all this morning, everyone had cleared out and it was only me, chanel, and ozz sitting around with the puppy some more. it was comfortable, just laying in bed and talking and laughing. i loved it, naturally. but chanel had to work and ozz had a superbowl church party to get to, so i took nikita (the puppy) home with me and haven't done much of anything since. oh, well, i brushed my teeth. and my hair got wet in the rain, so that counts as washing it, right?

edit (10:30) - awesome way to finish out the weekend. climbed a giant hill with ellie, dani, william, and the dog. we gazed out across the tacoma tideflats and watched the little boxcar houses and cars moving along in their perfect suburbia. then william and i went to tuey's, where we ate and talked. the dog went home with chanel, and i was sad... but then me, tuey, bobby, and stevo all went to the pool hall for 3 games, and bowling. i reek of cigarettes, but it's okay. we talked music and drama.

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